Elevated Internet Security

Domain and IP intelligence feeds for cyber protection and investigational platforms based on continuously trained AI models.

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Malicious Risk

0-10 scale or reputation

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Threat Factors

Indicators contributing to risk

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Content Categorization

83 content categories

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Impersonate Probability

Cyber squatters, phishing detection

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Other Research Data

Popularity, language, whois, etc.

Featured Partners

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Virus Total

alphaMountain malicious and suspicious verdicts are integrated into the VirusTotal URL query page.

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Cisco SecureX

View alphaMountain riskScores embedded into your investigations in the Cisco SecureX platform.
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Pivot from splunk log data to built-in alphaMoutain categorization and riskScores.

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Within a Maltego investigation enrich the data with alphaMountain content categories and risk assessment.

About Us

Located near Salt Lake City, Utah, Alpha Mountain AI, Inc was founded by cybersecurity industry veterans, bringing experience ranging from Fortune 500 security companies to start-ups.

We are bringing together our experience building world-class web categorization and URL classification, security analytics and reporting, web filtering, and artificial intelligence and machine learning to create the most advanced internet security products worldwide.